Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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IIT-Guwahati develops environment friendly surface protector

Institute develops BreatheEasy Safe 24, a multi-surface protector designed with advanced nanosilver technology, in association with Berger Paints


Guwahati, Oct 20: The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, in association with Berger Paints, has launched an alcohol-free and environment-friendly product that can protect objects from germs, bacteria and viruses for 24 hours and prevent their spread.

This specially formulated multi-surface protector, BreatheEasy Safe 24, is designed with the Advanced Nanosilver Technology. 

Professor Biman B. Mandal, of the department of biosciences and bioengineering, and his research team at IIT, Guwahati, have developed the product.

“Safe 24 stays active for an extended period of 24 hours on the applied surface. Its special formulation forms a protective nano-silver coating which fights bacteria and virus as validated by standard protocols. We feel that this product would make our everyday lives safer in these trying times and beyond,” said Mandal.  

Research and collaboration

With the spread of Covid-19, the central government wanted the research institutions and corporates of the country to collaborate and form innovative solutions to help fight the situation. 

Several innovative products have been developed over the past few months.  BreatheEasy Safe 24 is another step towards the positive direction. 

IIT hopeful 

IIT Guwahati has been instrumental in designing several projects in helping the society and the nation fight Covid-19. BreatheEasy Safe 24 is a true outcome of academia-industry collaborationled by IIT Guwahati,” said Professor T.G. Sitharam, director, IIT Guwahati. 

He said the product can simply be used by spraying it on the surface from a distance of 20 to 25cm and wiping the surface after 30 second of spraying.  

IIT officials said personal hygiene and safety products are becoming pivotal in restricting the spread of the virus until a vaccine is found.

More people are also stepping out of their homes. Hence, the institute will collaborate with industry partners to explore a wide range of applications.

Abhijit Roy, MD and CEO Berger Paints, said, “Berger Paints has always been a frontrunner in innovating customer centric products. With economic activities gradually picking up, there was an evolving demand for a product that can protect for a longer duration. It was a pleasure to bring IIT Guwahati’s technology to the Indian consumer as it catered to a big need gap.” 

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