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A wholesome Truedip experience for Assam tea lovers

Assam’s Woolah Tea company patents technology to deliver the best cuppa to customers, minus teabags


Guwahati, Nov 20: Just dip it, brew it, sip it and revel in the authentic flavours of true whole leaf tea.      

A tea company in Assam, Woolah Tea, has brought out a patent-pending  technology named Truedips, through which a customer can experience whole leaf tea.

“What you see is what you believe. Unlike the tea dust or broken tea leaves in the tea bags, we have kept the essential whole leaf tea true in its form, the way it is plucked, without minimizing its goodness giving the healthy experience thriving for a long run. Also, a large number of tea bags contain a certain percentage of plastics that release harmful microplastic particles while brewing. This made us rethink an alternative to the conventional idea of consuming bagged teas,” said Upamanyu Borkakoty of Woolah Tea .

 “It’s the world’s first true whole leaf tea dip without a bag,” he claimed. 

Truedip: Tea reimagined

Borkakoty said it is specialty tea re-imagined in the form of a tea dip. No brewing accessories are needed in this case.

“The enduring craft of the finest quality of two leaves and a bud goes into the genesis of our innovative original true dips. The tea leaves are unbroken and hold its pristine state with the help of our patent pending tea production technology,” he said.

“Just tear open the sachet, take out the true dips, pour boiling water and let the compressed leaves unfurl. Keep it for 4-5 minutes,” Borkakoty said.

From one sachet, a customer can brew up to two cups. One sachet can either brew one strong cup (200-250ml) or two regular cups.

“Woolah, proudly imagined in the largest tea-growing region, Assam, is inspired by the essence of happiness that lies in our traditional Assamese roots. We are on the sole mission to create the happiest tea in the world. Specially handcrafted in The Tea Leaf Theory boutique tea farms in Assam, our single-origin artisanal craft teas are produced in limited batches that give a unique new experience with every cup,” he said.

Story behind Truedips

 “After the initial success of the The Tea Leaf Theory project, a small specialty small tea grower’s project founded in 2016, we wanted to continue research to innovate products which could make the specialty tea brewing effortless without losing flavour and also develop a healthy and a better alternative to teabags,” he said.

These are 100 per cent handcrafted teas with love from  Assam.

“Truedips has just marked the start of our innovative initiation to develop more creative products in the coming future,” he added.

“Consumers should try to know what a cup of tea from the unbroken whole leaf tea tastes like,” he said.


Filthy Green: Rare Assam Green Tea

Filthy White: Rare Assam White Tea

Dirty Detox: Rare Assam Green Tea + Tulsi

Killer Immunity: Rare Assam Black Tea + Tulsi

Brutal Combo: Mix of all the Varieties.

All the varieties are available at Rs 450 for 16 Truedips and Rs 680 for 28 Truedips.

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