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China allegedly rapidly building infrastructure for its military along LAC

China is also building permanent integrated habitable infrastructure terming as model villages

Rajnath urges IAF to be ready for any eventuality on the China border. (IANS)

New Delhi, Nov 20 : China is rapidly constructing infrastructure along the 3,488km Line of Actual Control (LAC) even while it is in talks with India to resolve the border dispute.

India and China have been engaged in an eight-month-long standoff along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. 

Both the countries are also engaged in military and diplomatic talks to resolve the border disputes. 

A total of eight rounds of corps commander-level talks have taken place between both the countries’ military and the ninth round of talks is scheduled very soon to disengage troops.

China aggressively developing infrastructure

Amid this, China is aggressively developing infrastructure along the LAC. China is developing infrastructure near the Karakoram Pass and Rechin La. The Indian security establishment has observed the movement of cranes and building equipment.

China is also building permanent integrated habitable infrastructure terming as model villages. 

Such villages have been noticed across the LAC.

Top sources said that in Rudok, located near Pangong Tso stretching between India and China, new complexes have come up approximately 5.5km north-East of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) camp, also known as Gobak Camp. 

Construction activity has also been carried out south of the PLA camp in Gyantse. Two buildings, 12 sheds and other structures have come up in these areas.

China has also constructed a new building and six bunkers in Dejabu area under Yatung County for the accommodation of PLA personnel.

Shelters have come up at Bumdro, which is opposite Kameng. Six to seven concrete huts have been constructed at Bumdro near Domsongrong to accommodate PLA personnel during their patrolling activity in Mera La, Thag La and Yangtse area.

Road infrastructure development

After construction of a single lane gravelled at the linking of Sangsam with Chayul Dz in Shannan prefecture, the PLA has now commenced the construction of a camp.

In the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China has actively promoted the resumption of highway construction projects in all parts of the region. Bidding work for the 572 km rural road construction project has been completed and new construction has been started.

China has also made a road from the Tirkangto Shivung La. The work was being undertaken from the uphill side of Tirkang village in the South-West direction towards Shiyung La. 

Two mobile communication towers have also been installed at Tirkang village.

The transport department of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has also come up with seven projects, including the New Re-construction Project (Control Project) of Lhasa-Rikaze (Shigatse) Airport Section on NH-318.

The project management centre of Rikaze Municipal Transport Bureau is constructing 39 village roads in five counties, including Nanmulin and Angren County of Rikaze.

Construction in Nepal

China is also allegedly carrying out construction at the Nielamu County opposite Nepal. They are making a township in the area.

Not only this, China is relocating its troops across the LAC. This clearly indicates that they are preparing for a long haul even when engaged in talks with India. (IANS)

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