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Chest council of India conducted a panel discussion on fungal menace


Ranchi, July 9: Chest council of India conducted a panel discussion on the recent fungal menace to hit us post second wave of COVID on Thursday via internet medium. It was watched live by over 1300 people. It was a veritable encyclopedia on fungal diseases. Moderating the programme Dr PS Shajahan, Professor and pulmonologist at Alappuzha, Kerala said maintaining euglycemia, normoxia , judicious use of steroids and others drugs and more importantly not getting COVID by following the basic principles are the ways not to contract the fungal infections.“Early diagnosis is of paramount importance both in terms of treatment success and prognosis. That needs strong clinical suspicion at each and every point, “he said.Dr Rupesh Kr Singh, an ENT consultant at Ranchi in Jharkhand said that judicious medical and surgical usage in treatment can minimize the unnecessary use of antifungal. Pulmonologist Dr Ashutosh Gupta from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, said not only steroid is a culprit of fungal infection it’s primarily COVID!A consultant from Ludhiana, Punjab, Dr Gurpreet Singh was of the opinion that early diagnosis of covid19 disease and it’s evidence based scientific treatment will help us to minimize post covid19 complications.“We should have a high index of suspicion for fungal infections , diagnose them as early as possible by all means including blood investigations, radiology, invasive procedures and treat them aggressively to save lives,” Dr Singh said.Another consultant from Bengaluru in Karnataka, Dr Hirenappa Udnur suggested to treat COVID sensibly and early in the course of disease never never be in a situation to treat all post covid problems. He said that the outcome of disease depends on what is done in the first 2 weeks of covid illness.Dr Neel Thakkar, a consultant from Vadodara in Gujrat said: “CT radiology and signs have a role to rule in and rule out early in invasive fungal infections. Amphotericin B is a special but specific drug. Right Dose ,dilution,premedication, safety profile , formulations and known interactions make it work best!”“Fungal biomarkers help prognosticate, have a better negative predictive value but should never be considered in isolation. ‘Primum non nocere’ First Do No harm. Be it in drugs/humid oxygen/icu stay/steam/self medication,” Thakkar added. Dr Atri Gangopadhyay , a consultant from Ranchi, said transplantation invites Plantation, so the highest risk factor for a bad fungal infection would be anyone with a history of transplantation.”New disease, totally new scenario. Always take patient and attendant in your discussion regarding their fears. Tell them regarding unpredictable response to treatment and time taking nature of the treatment, only then will you treat post covid mycoses well,” Gangopadhyay said.

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