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Tune in to ‘Radio’ with Shieladitya Moulik and Priyanka Sarkar

The Bengali film will explore the relationship between a girl and a radio Team Newsfile

Kolkata, July 9: In the age of wireless headsets, iPhones and Gaana, how many of us really listen to the radio. May be, we switch on the radio in the car on our way to office. Director Shieladitya Moulik’s next Bengali film will explore the relationship between a girl and a radio. Titled, Radio, it stars Priyanka Sarkar in the lead role and is being produced by Cinemad Pictures. This is the first time the Sweater director is working with Priyanka.

Tuning in

Moulik said he has been waiting to tell the story of Radio for a long time. “It’s always exciting to make films about human relationships. But this time it’s between a girl and a radio. I am really excited about this one because it’s creatively very challenging with a lot of songs and nostalgia,” he said.

He goes down the memory lane and recalled how he used to think there were “little people inside the radio talking” when he was a kid. “The mystery of not being able to see the person whose voice we hear has always fascinated me. What does a radio presenter look like? We didn’t know those days when there was no Internet or Facebook. I’m trying to bring in all that in my movie. This is my first time association with Priyanka Sarkar. She’s such a good balance of beauty and talent and I have always admired her work. I am sure the audience will love her in a very new avatar on Radio. The film has a very minimal cast and we are in the process of zeroing on it,” said Moulik. 

Triple the fun

Meanwhile, Moulik has teamed up with fellow Bengali directors Arjunn Dutta and Indrasis Acharya for a Hindi anthology titled, Three Course Meal. The movie with three tales is being directed by the three makers with food as the main theme.

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