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Suryabeda village of Jharkhand witnesses electrification for the first time in history


Ranchi, July 17: Suryabeda, a village situated in the foothills of the dense forest and mountains, about 15 Kms away from Musabani block headquarter of East Singhbhum district has seen electricity for the first time since its existence. The village is home to 52 families, out of which 4 families belong to the Sabar tribe. After the directions from the Deputy Commissioner, the electrification work in the village was done promptly. Executive Engineer, Electricity, Ghatshila Division, Gaurav Kumar said, “despite difficult road conditions in the past, the officials of the Electricity Department completed the work of transporting electric poles and transformers to the village with their tireless efforts.”
 He further added, “67 SHT poles, 12 DP poles, 6 DTR poles and 120 LT poles have been installed for the electrification of Suryabeda village. AB cable has been installed in 3.6 km and Rabbit conductor in total 9.1 km”. 
Simultaneously, streetlights have been installed across the village, for which the villagers have expressed their sincere gratitude to the government. “Earlier, before the electrification of the village, we were compelled to get inside our respective homes before dusk. Now, children and elders sit outside the house even at night and spend time with each other. Our Children can study till late in the evening,” a villager said.
On 16 December 2020, the Deputy Commissioner of East-Singhbhum district  Suraj Kumar came to know about the sorry state of affairs at Suryabeda village during a Janta Darbar.
 During Janta Darbar people of Suryabeda informed him about the non-electrification of the village since independence and the lack of road connectivity.
 The deputy commissioner assured villagers about the vision of the state government and resolution of their grievances at the earliest.
 The Deputy Commissioner immediately acted and asked the electricity department to ensure the installation of a transformer in the village and the road construction department was directed to prepare a proposal for improvement of road condition.

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