Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Jharkhand approaching towards Jungle Raj

Threatens to start agitation from August 20

Ranchi, Aug.1: Jharkhand is approaching Jungle Raj, said Rajya Sabha MP and BJP state president Deepak Prakash in a press conference held today at BJP state headquarters in Harmu in the heart of state capital.

The remarks came a day after state chief minister Hemant Soren handed over a probe of a judge’s death beside a road in Dhanbad to CBI following pressure from all corners including high court and supreme court.

“Law and order system in the state has collapsed. It has become worse. Feeling of Jungle Raj is coming. In the past 19 months, 2978 murders, 2711 rape, 2400 abductions and 1226 loot and robbery has been committed besides 41 witch-hunting and 538 cases of naxal violence,” Prakash said.

 “The government ordered a CBI probe in the judge’s death case after the Supreme Court took note of the incident. Like the judge’s death case, the government should also order a CBI probe in police sub-inspector Rupa Tirkey’s suspicious death. No recommendation for CBI probe into Tirkey’s death suggests someone close to the government is behind the death,” Prakash added.

Prakash on the occasion also criticized the Hemant Soren government for its failure in providing jobs to youths.

“The government has failed to fulfil its promises given to youths. Hemant Soren had said that he will take retirement if fail to provide 5 lakh jobs to youth if he is voted to power. But he has neither provided a job nor taken retirement. While 3.29 lakh posts are lying vacant, promises have not been fulfilled. JPSC chairman is also in dock for his failure in getting high court implemented,” Prakash said.

Prakash on the occasion also clarified his stand on displacement saying it was wrong to deprive the poor from their houses taking the pretext of the anti-encroachment drive. “No one should be deprived of his house till arrangement shelter for him,” Prakash said.

Pointing out failures, the BJP state president had said his party will hit the road from August 20 to make people aware of the same.