Thursday, September 23, 2021
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About NewsFile™-Online

(A unit of S. S. Communications)

It is in a most troubled hour that we bring you, a time when the world is once again at the crossroads, at war, locked down, and lost. Yet it is an hour when humankind has found common cause, rallied, and now soldiers on. At great cost no doubt, but the war will be won. The stakes are the highest ever.

For the newsperson, the conflict always shifts by the minute, a battle that must be covered by the day, to be reported to the reader intact, and as detailed as possible—fact, sifted from opinion, and simply reported.

NewsFile™-Online will endeavour to be a mix of the latest in technology, but old-school when it comes to covering and presenting news. No noise, direct, well-written, objective, no serving an agenda.

This online publication is brought to you by a team of professionals that has been through India’s media grind, an experience that teaches hard survival skills, and to never give up till the story has been got, reported, written, designed and ‘put on page’ for the reader, hardships notwithstanding. The casualty of the foot soldier is high, and rarely reported. Yet that is the trade. is a daily news webzine working out of Guwahati.

Newspersons do not decide the hour—it is thrust upon them. Theirs is to rise to the occasion and report. This publication has been in the pipeline for some time now. But as COVID-19 struck, we were called upon to hit the ground running. As for the rest, let our Content speak.

Pranab Bora
Editor in Chief